Our Story

Through my own experiences of Phobia and in-person Exposure Therapy, I was shocked at how expensive and unobtainable therapy was. This meant that only financially secure people, who also had a severe phobia, would consider it to be worth their while. Those less well off or with a phobia that hindered them in their everyday life but they could simply 'get on with' simply didn't seek treatment. Rephobia was the causation of the vision that my own experience drew me to realise. It's something I'm truly passionate about.

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Our Progress



Drawing upon my own phobia and personal experience with traditional exposure therapy, I realised how difficult it is for many to access the help they need due to therapy being prohibitively expensive and having long waiting times.


Research & Planning

Realising there must be a solution, I researched clinical trials and studies surrounding VR within exposure therapy and was pleasantly surprised by how effective the statistics showed it was. Yet any VR therapy proved to be just as expensive online as in-person, meaning there was still a high barrier to entry.



From then, I set out to develop my idea by coding an app prototype. This was only the beginning. Since then, Rephobia has won multiple awards and yet is only getting started on an exciting journey of what is to come.