Flying Phobia

You're not alone. Around 40% of people have a fear of flying, with around 5% of them having a phobia. To combat this difficult fear, which can impact your daily life, we hope our services may be of use.

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This Is Normal. How It Can Affect You:

Are you letting the fear of flying keep you grounded while life continues to soar by? Vivid family vacations, thrilling adventures, and memorable getaways remain mere dreams when the fear of flying takes hold..
You're missing out on quality time with loved ones, opportunities for personal growth, and the joy of discovering new places. It's not just the missed adventures; it's the missed connections, missed experiences, and missed moments that your flying phobia is stealing from you.
Every moment you spend gripped by your flying phobia is a moment stolen from your life's canvas. Imagine the warmth of reunions with family members you've missed for years, the exhilaration of taking on new challenges that fuel your personal growth, and the enchantment of fresh, uncharted territories.

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    "Rephobia's exposure therapy has helped me tremendously, I am now able to fly to my family abroad for the first time in years!"

    Amanda Peterson

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You Are Not Alone. We Understand:

You're not alone in your fear of flying. Approximately 2.5% of the global population shares this dread, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. That's hundreds of millions of people.
So, you see, it's not weird at all. This fear, though common, can be incredibly debilitating, causing undue stress and anxiety in situations where others seem carefree. But the good news is that help is available, and you don't have to navigate this journey alone.

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    "Flying had always been my biggest nightmare. Thanks to Rephobia, I've transformed from a nervous wreck to a frequent flyer!"

    Patrick Pool

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Utilise Our Free Exposure Therapy

Imagine conquering your fear of flying with a groundbreaking, immersive experience. At Rephobia, we offer revolutionary Virtual Reality (VR) technology has redefined exposure therapy, offering a lifelike journey into the skies.
Our program, tailored to your specific needs, will guide you through every step of the process, including relaxation techniques and coping strategies, so you can finally embark on those long-dreamed journeys, make such cherished memories, and confidently participate in life's adventures.
Don't let the fear of flying hold you back any longer. Your journey to conquering your flying phobia begins here, with us.

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    "Don't let your phobia limit your horizons. Embrace the thrilling potential of VR 360 therapy, and set yourself free to explore the world from the sky.

    Anthony Brown, Project Manager at StarBiz Co.

Try VR Exposure Therapy For Free:

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At Rephobia, we believe in offering a range of packages to meet your unique needs, providing flexibility and affordability without compromising on your quality of care.


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  • What types of phobias does Rephobia cater to?

    Rephobia is designed to assist individuals dealing with a wide range of phobias and anxieties, including but not limited to heights, spiders, flying, public speaking, and more. We continually expand our library of scenarios to address different fears effectively.

  • Is Rephobia suitable for people of all ages?

    Rephobia is designed for adults and teenagers. We recommend that parents or guardians supervise VR therapy sessions for younger users to ensure a safe and productive experience.

  • Are there any prerequisites before using Rephobia?

    While Rephobia is accessible to most individuals, it's essential to have a compatible VR headset and a quiet, safe space for your sessions. Please consult our system requirements to ensure compatibility.

  • How long do typical exposure sessions last?

    Session durations can vary but typically range from 30 to 60 minutes. The frequency of use depends on your therapist's recommendation or your personal comfort. Many users find benefit in using Rephobia 2-3 times per week.

  • Can I track my progress and see how I'm improving over time?

    Yes, Rephobia provides progress tracking features. You can monitor your exposure levels, anxiety reduction, and session history to gauge your progress and share this information with your therapist

Healthcare Professionals/Therapists

  • How can healthcare professionals integrate Rephobia into their therapy practices?

    Rephobia offers a professional partnership program. Therapists and healthcare professionals can reach out to us to discuss integration options, licensing, and training for incorporating VR exposure therapy into their practice.

  • What research or clinical evidence supports the effectiveness of Rephobia's VR therapy?

    Rephobia's effectiveness is backed by a robust body of research and clinical trials. We provide access to relevant studies, case reports, and testimonials for professionals interested in the therapeutic benefits of our platform. See examples at

  • Can Rephobia be used in conjunction with traditional therapy methods?

    Absolutely. Rephobia is designed to complement traditional therapy. Therapists can incorporate VR exposure therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, enhancing the outcomes for their patients.

  • Can I track my patient's progress over time?

    Click Order button next to the service you want to purchase and leave your contacts in a follow-up form. We will get in touch with shortly to clarify all the details.

  • Will my company have aftersales service?

    Click Order button next to the service you want to purchase and leave your contacts in a follow-up form. We will get in touch with shortly to clarify all the details.